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Robotic Surgery Specialist

Advanced Surgical Associates of West Florida

Richard S. Gordon, MD

Bariatrics & Robotic and General Surgery located in Largo, FL, Clearwater, FL & Trinity, FL

If you need surgery to repair a hernia or treat chronic symptoms of acid reflux, you may be a candidate for robotic surgery. At Advanced Surgical Associates of West Florida, Richard Gordon, MD, can perform surgery with a high level of precision using the da Vinci® robotic surgery system to repair internal damage or remove diseased organs. Robotic surgery offers many benefits over traditional surgery to lower your risk for postsurgical complications. Call the office in Largo, Clearwater or Trinity, Florida, today to find out if robotic surgery is right for you or book a consultation online.

Robotic Surgery Q&A

What is robotic surgery?

Robotic surgery is a minimally invasive surgical technique involving robotic arms, specialized surgical tools, and computer technology.

The offices of Advanced Surgical Associates of West Florida feature the da Vinci robotic surgical system that Dr. Gordon uses to perform a variety of surgeries, including:

  • Colon surgery
  • Hernia surgery
  • Gallbladder surgery
  • Acid reflux surgery

Bariatric surgeries for weight loss are also available using robotic techniques.

Am I a candidate for robotic surgery?

Dr. Gordon offers comprehensive medical evaluations and reviews your medical history to determine if you’re a candidate for treatment with the da Vinci robotic surgical system. He also ensures you’re healthy enough to tolerate surgery for your condition.

If you’re not a candidate for minimally invasive robotic surgery, Dr. Gordon can customize a treatment plan for your condition using open surgical techniques.

What happens during robotic surgery?

During robotic surgery with the da Vinci robotic surgical system, Dr. Gordon needs to make only a few small incisions to access the surgical site.

He inserts a high-definition 3D camera through these incisions that sends real-time images of the surgical site back to an external monitor. Dr. Gordon watches this monitor to maintain a clear view of your inner organs and tissues.

Using a computer-assisted console, Dr. Gordon controls a set of robotic arms. He can   manipulate the surgical instruments in various ways to perform even the most complex surgeries with a high level of control and precision.

What are the benefits of robotic surgery?

Robotic surgery offers many advantages over traditional surgery. Because Dr. Gordon only needs to make small incisions to access the treatment site, you can expect to heal faster than you might after traditional surgery.

The da Vinci robotic system also helps you avoid common risks of surgery such as:

  • Pain
  • Bleeding
  • Infection

After robotic surgery, you may be able to go home right away to start your recovery. If you do need to remain in the hospital, you may not have to stay there for an extended period.

Additionally, robotic surgery technology allows Dr. Gordon to operate with more precise movements, so you can avoid unnecessary damage to surrounding tissues.

To find out if you’re a candidate for robotic surgery, call the Advanced Surgical Associates of West Florida office nearest to you today or book a consultation online.