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Colon Surgery Specialist

Advanced Surgical Associates of West Florida

Richard S. Gordon, MD

Bariatrics & Robotic and General Surgery located in Largo, FL, Clearwater, FL & Trinity, FL

About 106,180 adults are diagnosed with colon cancer each year in the United States. If you need surgery to remove cancerous polyps in your colon, you can find comprehensive care at Advanced Surgical Associates of West Florida. Richard Gordon, MD, can use minimally invasive or open surgical techniques to remove part or all of your colon to prevent cancer from spreading. To find out if you’re a candidate for colon surgery, call the office in Largo, Clearwater or Trinityx, Florida, today to schedule an appointment or book a consultation online.

Colon Surgery Q&A

Why would I need colon surgery?

Colon surgery (colectomy) is a surgical procedure to remove part or all of your colon. Your colon (large intestine) is a tube-like organ at the end of your digestive tract.

You may need surgery to remove polyps in your colon that increase your risk for colon cancer. Surgery can also act as colon cancer treatment, removing the organ if you already have cancer. 

Dr. Gordon may also recommend colon surgery if you have diseases or disorders of the gastrointestinal tract that aren’t treatable with medications and other nonsurgical therapies. These conditions may include:

  • Crohn’s disease
  • Severe bleeding
  • Bowel obstruction
  • Ulcerative colitis
  • Diverticulitis

You may also be a candidate for preventive colon surgery if you’re at high risk for colon cancer due to multiple polyps or because of your genetic history.

To determine if you’re a candidate for colon surgery, Dr. Gordon performs a comprehensive evaluation to assess the severity of your condition. He also ensures you’re healthy enough for surgery.

What happens during colon surgery?

On your surgery day, Dr. Gordon provides anesthesia to keep you relaxed and comfortable. He follows a surgical plan that he customizes to your needs and will use laparoscopic or open surgical techniques.

Laparoscopic colectomy

During minimally invasive robotic/laparoscopic colectomy, Dr. Gordon makes several small incisions in your abdomen. He inserts specialized surgical tools with an attached camera into the incisions. The camera sends real-time images of your lower digestive tract to a monitor. Dr. Gordon watches the monitor while repairing or removing your colon.

Open colectomy

During open colon surgery, Dr. Gordon makes larger incisions in your abdomen to access your colon. He removes part or all of your colon and surrounding tissue and can rejoin the healthy parts of your colon back together to restore your digestive function.

In some cases, Dr. Gordon may need to create an opening in your abdomen (colostomy) to allow waste to leave your body. You wear a bag over this opening to collect stool.

How long does it take to recover from colon surgery?

After colon surgery, you need to stay in the hospital until you regain your normal bowel function.

Advanced Surgical Associates of West Florida provides you with complete aftercare instructions when you’re ready for discharge. You may need to follow a liquid diet for several weeks to allow your body to heal. Dr. Gordon also ensures that you know how to maintain a colostomy bag if you have one.

If you have robotic/laparoscopic colon surgery, you can expect your small incisions to heal faster than open incisions might. While your incisions heal, you must keep them clean and dry. You may also need to limit your physical activity for a period of time.

During follow-up appointments, Dr. Gordon assesses how well your incisions are healing and can let you know when it’s safe to resume your usual activities.

To find out if you’re a candidate for colon surgery, call the Advanced Surgical Associates of West Florida office nearest to you today or book an appointment online.